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Fees - Divorce or Separation

Lawyer’s Fee – Matrimonial Dispute

$375.00 per hour plus HST
–  when drafting a separation agreement add a $200 block fee.


  • Photocopying, Faxing, Postage, Courier
  • Agent to serve and file documents
  • Expert Reports
  • $50 Law Society Levy if action commenced
  • $50 for DivorceMate software if used

Items Not Billed For

  • Administrative support
  • Long Distance
  • Retrieval of Files

Payment of Fees and Disbursements

Payment is in advance, or client may sign an “Authorization to use Credit Card” so that fees may be paid automatically when an account is rendered.

At the first consultation, if no further work is done, there is a minimum of a one hour charge.

Please see Retainer – Matrimonial and the article on Legal Fees for Family Law Cases for more detailed information about my fees, how legal fees are established, how to keep legal fees down, and other fee issues.

Payment can be made by Cheque, Interac, VISA or MasterCard. Please be advised that the hourly rate is subject to change in January of each year.

Lawyer’s fee – Uncontested Divorce

$1,000.00 plus HST of $130.00
This fee includes:

  • Drafting, signing, issuing and serving the Application for divorce
  • Preparing documentation to obtain the Divorce Order
  • Preparing the documentation to obtain a Certificate of Divorce
  • Reporting to the client
Disbursements Amount
Issue Application for divorce $167.00
Service of Application for divorce (if required) $32.00
File Continuing Record to obtain Divorce Order $280.00
Certificate of Divorce $19.00
Court filing $67.80
Photocopying and postage $15.00
Sub-total $580.80

Total fees, disbursements and HST (approx) $1,700.00

Payment of Fees and Disbursements:

A payment of $800.00 is required at the time of signing the Application for divorce. The balance of the fees and disbursements are required at the time of signing the Affidavit for the Divorce Order.

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