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Fees - Notarizing Documents

and Obtaining Copies of Documents

Notarizing a document means that a certificate is attached to a photocopy of an original document with a notary seal stating that the copy is a true copy of the original document. Some institutions require notarized copies as opposed to photocopies because in some situations a photocopy is not sufficient but they do not want to request the original.

*Please Note: I only notarize documents for current or previous clients. Clients must call my office and make an appointment in order to have documents notarized. Elise Hallewick of our office notarizes documents and has her own fees schedule.

When an Affidavit, Deed or Statutory Declaration has to be sworn for use outside of Ontario, a Notary is required to take the Affidavit rather than just a Commissioner of Oaths. In a circumstance such as this, I might charge a fee to my clients if it takes time to complete the form, which often out of province forms do require.


Service 1 Copy Only 4 Extra Copies (after 1st copy) Any copy after 5th
Notarizing a document for a client on a current file $25.00 $25.00 $10.00
Notarizing a document for a client when the file is closed $40.00 $25.00 $10.00

While a client’s file is open, it is my policy to ensure that my clients receive copies of all the correspondence exchanged, reports from specialists, and related documents.

However, once a file is closed it often happens that down the road a client may have misplaced their copy, and will call to request a copy from our office. It used to be my policy to store the client’s physical file in storage, however since 2010 we scan the file electronically and then throw the file out except for original wills and powers of attorney until we return those original documents to the client.  We also have or in the process of throwing out all files after fifteen years (without scanning anything but marriage contracts).

Should you require a copy of a document from a file that was closed if we are still holding onto the file in hard copy or in the database there is a $50 fee retrieving the file from storage or our database. However, since 2010 we have only been keeping digital copies of agreements.

If it is a court document, though we may have a copy of the document in storage, often an original of the document is needed, and therefore obtaining the document from the court house is the best route to take. It is also cheaper to attend the court house and request a certified copy of the document directly rather than have me pull the file. If the file is more than a year old, the court will have sent the file to their storage facility, and though they do not charge a fee to pull the file from storage, it may take a few extra weeks until the file arrives at the court house. The court charges a fee for certified copies of court documents, usually about $19 depending on the document and photocopying costs for other documents in the file.

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