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Important Notice About The Retirement of Lawrence Pascoe on April 26th, 2019

In October of this year I will be 70 years of age. As I had earmarked this landmark age for my retirement, I am pleased to announce that on Friday April 26th after 42 years of practicing law I will be retiring!

As such, I will not be taking on any new files that I may not be able to see through to completion by the end of April 2019. During the remaining  time I will be concentrating on finalizing existing files, and doing the immense paperwork and other matters needed to close my practice. I will however continue to take on new Will and Powers of Attorney clients until the beginning of April, as well as do the many Will and Powers of Attorney revisions requested by my existing clients.

For former matrimonial client files I have always provided to my clients their documentation, but I will continue to hold onto these matrimonial files either in digital or paper format for the required limitation period of 15 years from the date the file closed. Had a court action been started in a matrimonial matter, the court house would have the court documents in storage.

For the last few years I have been attempting to reach all of my Will/Powers of Attorney clients for whom I was storing an original document to notify them of my retirement. If you are a former Will or Powers of Attorney client who we could not find, (and we strenuously tried), your original Will or Powers of Attorney will be sent to Merovitz Potechin on Carling Avenue as of April 30th, 2019. Please note in many instances we only held a second duplicate set of Powers of Attorney but not the original Will as some clients chose to store their own Wills. By law there is only one original Will, but you may have duplicate originals of Powers of Attorney.

Though I am retiring, the law firm of Mirsky Pascoe will continue to be in practice, at our same office location. For new or former matrimonial clients who require legal representation in the areas of Family Law or General and Civil Litigation, please contact Peter Mirsky or Elise Hallewick at our firm. They may be reached at the same phone number being 613-828-2120.

After my retirement, if you need to make a Will or Powers of Attorney, revise your Will or Powers of Attorney, or if you require legal advice regarding Wills and Powers of Attorney or the Administration of an Estate, please contact Chuck Merovitz at 613-563-7544 at the Law Firm of Merovitz Potechin. This law firm also practices in the areas of Civil Litigation, Real Estate and Business Law.

I would like to thank all of my clients whom I have had the pleasure to serve over the last 42 years. I wish you good health and good luck!