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Need an Entertainment Lawyer?

Byron Pascoe is a lawyer at Edwards PC, Creative Law, Ottawa’s creative law boutique.

The firm works with creative industries (software, games, television, film, animation, advertising, music, mobile, web, publications, etc.) acquire, finance, exploit, license, and protect creative property. As creative clients are also business clients, the firm incorporates and maintains companies, helps to fund growth, negotiates agreements with partners, suppliers and employees and, if necessary, fights battles.

Providing value to creative clients starts with understanding creative businesses. Byron has produced television, digital and theatrical programming, and videos about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, featuring Canadian celebrities, which aired nationally on TV and in theatres. He also has a business degree, mentors entrepreneurs, and practised corporate and intellectual property law before joining Edwards.

For more information, please contact Byron at and 613.722.2613 x702

My 60th Birthday Party
Though it may be hard to believe, I turned 60 on October 22nd, 2009. My wife Carol and son Byron arranged a beautiful birthday party for me on October 24th which was attended by many people in my life. Here is a copy of the invitation showing what a cute child I was, and what I have looked like over the years.

Myomax Performance
Looking for a good personal trainer? Try mine, Mike Croskery. Mike has a science degree in Human Kinetics and is certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as a Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (formerly known as Certified Fitness Appraiser). Mike knows his stuff and will get you in shape.

Ottawa Senators and Ottawa Champions Baseball Club
I am fan and season ticket holder to both the Ottawa Senators and the Ottawa Champions. I give away many tickets to the Ottawa Champions games to clients (just ask) but for the Senators I only give away one pair of tickets (and parking pass) annually to the person who provides me with the best idea that year to improve my services.

Artisan Golf Want to improve your golf game? Visit Artisan Golf where my friend, Don Irving, can analyze your swing and clubs and either adjust your clubs or make custom clubs to improve your golf game.

My son Noah is a singer/songwriter and musical educator. If you like Neil Young and Radiohead you will likely enjoy Noah’s music where these two artists and others have shaped his artistic outlook. Follow him at and check out and purchase his record at


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