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Service Principles

Value Added Features are found at every stage of my Services

I start with my website. The many articles on my website provide a lot of free general information, not just about the substantive law, but about the legal processes. My site has a lot of information about myself, how I operate, and what my fees are. It also explains what information a lawyer needs from his clients to advise them so not just to educate my client but to allow them to gather the information beforehand, therefore, saving some time (and therefore money) when they meet with me.

The Forms on my site are interactive to allow for a client to easily fill them out and even email them to me before their consultation. I have outlined what happens at the first appointment of each practice area so a client knows what will be discussed at their first consultation. There are also some follow up forms on my website once the file has been closed which may be of interest to clients as well as links to other websites of interest.

My Introductory Guides serve many functions. They contain the links to specific articles that give an overview of the law in non lawyer’s terms. These articles discuss the legal process and one’s rights and obligations.  The links to forms or questionnaires show what information is required to start the process. Knowing something about the law and preparing the information needed beforehand reduces the time spent at the initial consultation and therefore reduces your costs.

I believe your anxiety will be reduced even before our first consultation with all this information about the law, the process, myself, the fees and the facts.

At the client’s first appointment I introduce my Manuals. The Manuals serve two important functions. They contain more articles, checklists and work sheets, all with details needed to help you better understand the process. As there is so much to know and remember it is good to have that information in a written, comprehensive and organized form. The Manual is a convenient place to hold letters and the sometime voluminous documentation generated throughout the file. I ensure my clients get copies of everything — you are kept informed. Obtaining and storing this information in an organized fashion allows you to participate and to make better decisions. The Manual also serves as a good record of what occurred after the file is completed. This is also important for necessary follow up work.

In Will and Powers of Attorney files I send letters to the Executors and Attorneys with articles and information that they should know to assist them with their responsibilities.

As I have a sophisticated computer program to easily store, forever, unlimited data about my clients, I would like to have a life time relationship with my clients. I hope to do this by providing a number of free follow up services for clients and to try and keep in touch with my clients with interesting information though at this time I can only suggest to keep visiting my website.

With my computer program, when a client calls me after the file is closed, I can quickly obtain the major particulars of their file. I can probably answer questions faster and not have to wait to get the file from storage. I encourage clients to call me any time after the file is complete with brief questions – yes, even though I am not getting paid for this additional work. My magnetic business card, which should be on one’s refrigerator, means my phone number is always close at hand.

Follow Up Services

I would like to advise you that I provide my clients with a number of free services even after a file has been completed. They are as follows:

  • I will provide free swearing of Affidavits or Statutory Declarations* for my clients for Ontario documents. This is often needed for insurance claims and when one receives a bequest under a Will. I just ask that the forms be completed and an appointment is made to sign with either me or my secretary. Please do not sign the forms until your appointment.
  • I will provide digital copies of any major documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Court Orders, Agreements and Certificate of Appointments if misplaced.
  • My website has replacement forms for your Manuals. They are found under Forms for the area of law you require.
  • In matrimonial matters I provide up to a half an hour of free follow of oral legal advice.
  • My website has a link to a Consent to Travel form which I will sign for free for your former spouse if you just call before hand and have the form all filled out. Again you will need to sign this form at my office.
  • I will hold on to completed Will information forms in your digital file.
  • I will recommend or help you find a lawyer in Ottawa for an area of law you may need but that I do not practice.
  • I am available to provide legal services to your friends and relatives.

* Please note that I offer a discounted fee to make notarial copies of my client’s documents, which is not the same as swearing Affidavits or swearing out of province documents which do have a cost. Please see Fees – Notarizing and Copies

I am continually striving to improve my services. That is why at all stages of my service I encourage opinions and have client surveys to obtain that important feedback from clients or even prospective clients. I have a Client Survey Contest with a prize awarded annually.  Many good ideas have come from clients that have resulted in improvements to my service – I listen to my clients.
Many law firms are beginning to advertise and to market their services aggressively even using professional advertising agencies. Some of their ads will promise a commitment to excellent client service at a reasonable price. What firm, what business, would not say that it provides good service at a fair cost ? I invite you to compare the actual features, and not the rhetoric, of other lawyers’s services with mine. I believe that I have given you concrete examples of how I provide innovative and client-oriented legal services. The choice is up to you!

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