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Client feedback is necessary to improve the quality of legal services I provide to my clients. Client surveys are an effective method to obtain that response. These surveys tell me what the client thinks about the way I practice, and allow the client to make suggestions on how service can be improved. Generally, lawyers look at matters through their own eyes rather than from the client’s perspective. The same is true for the methods of marketing of legal services. I would therefore appreciate it if you would take some time to fill out the relevant surveys. It will greatly help me provide better service and improve my marketing.

Senators symbolMy experience is that people do not like filling out surveys. Therefore, I am offering a contest to obtain a good response. Annually on January 31st, I will award a prize of a pair of FREE Ottawa Senators tickets PLUS free parking and $20 for refreshments for the best suggestion for improvements of services or marketing.

You may mail, fax, email, or deliver to our office your completed survey questionnaire. All information and names of respondents will be kept confidential. You do not need to become a client to enter the contest.

I look forward to reading your comments!


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Quick survey for all my services and website information.

Lawyer Performance Survey

Questionnaire to measure the effectiveness of my services.

Choosing a Lawyer Survey

A quick 4 question survey on factors that influence your decision when choosing a lawyer.