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I wish to thank you for the many years as your client. You have not only been professional and my champion but also compassionate and sympathetic to the legal task at hand. That goes a long way while being a client but also being treated like a person. You’ve practised law in a very humane manner and I thank you for that.

Elaine Finlay

With heartfelt appreciation

Laurie is extremely passionate, supportive, and caring about his clients…He was a very down to earth lawyer and the best I ever had. No other lawyer ever took as good care of me as he did. This was not simply a job but he was championing my cause. Laurie was very efficient in his use of technology and (support from) his assistants. He could enter the Motion and Affidavit information on the fly and also (had the support of) his assistants to maximize throughput to minimize costs. He was a genius when it came to crunching numbers to determine the support and life insurance amounts, and I often heard other lawyers mention that numbers were his specialty. Laurie is the most honourable lawyer that I know. (I) have referred others to Laurie and they were grateful for the recommendation as Laurie was able to look after them with the same empathy and patience (as) with me to get them an equitable settlement at a fair price.!

Aaron Cohen

We have been a client of Mirsky-Pascoe for over 30 years. Our recent experience of changing our wills and Powers of Attorney was a fully satisfactory experience. Even when we changed our minds about one detail and a further amendment was needed, the office accommodated us without hesitation. Especially helpful is their practice of sending all the documents in digital format. This facilitated us informing those who need to know the details. Friendly, courteous, prompt and reliable: these are the most appreciated features of the service provided by this law firm. Staff assistants have changed over the years, but they are always very efficient and helpful.

Katie & David Hoffman

Not only did [Mr. Pascoe] have a great manner with the various participants as well as providing very useful information, [he] sparked a lot of interest in the topic. Many were making comments about how much they enjoyed it or were telling others about it. Based on what I heard and how [Mr. Pascoe] interacted with others, I will have no difficulty in making referrals to [Mr. Pascoe] in the future.

Audrey-Claire Lawrence

Interim Chaplain, Carlington Community Chaplaincy

A job well done (new Wills and Powers of Attorney) — time was taken to ensure my wife and I understood everything related to the task at hand. Thank you!

Ross Dixon

In the past any stories I had to share about lawyers, were usually unflattering jokes. Three years ago I was in need of a lawyer. My friend told me to get the “best”. She ushered me off to Lawrence Pascoe, the “guru” of family law, she said.

Lawrence is very personable with his constant smile & your neighbour next door mannerism. He put me at ease with some light hearted chit chat, & before I knew it I had rolled out all my needs to my situation.

Other than the odd delay & hiccup with the usual pension administrators & the other side’s needs, Mr. Pascoe, guided & directed me through to the end, to my great relief. And in his usual big smile & a jug of maple syrup he sent me home feeling much healthier, body, soul & mind.

I highly recommend this lawyer!

Ron Hayes

Laurie Pascoe is a great lawyer. He combines his extensive experience, strong sense of fairness, and wisdom to guide you through the legal maze. You just can’t go wrong with Laurie.

David Bolton

Divorce is a stressful and traumatic series of events. The process was definitely causing me a lot of anxiety, due to all the ambiguity.

A friend recommended your firm to me. This resulted in an extremely positive experience. I was always treated with kindness and respect; my questions were never treated as trivial but were answered with patience and understanding. The Family Law Manual with its definitions of legal matrimonial terms, and directions of how to complete a financial statement were a godsend. The remainder of the manual kept all my correspondence and documents in order and easily accessible. Also thank you for the hole punch (you really think of everything). Jenny Mirsky, your assistant, kept us connected. My calls were answered promptly and I always felt that you were available to me.

In closing, at all times I felt well represented and secure in trusting this matter to your hands. I am truly grateful,

Dianne Lawson