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The following is a simple guide of what to do when death occurs.

For my clients: check the Will Manual for burial instructions, people to notify, location of documents.

Contact the following:

  • All Executors (Estate Trustees) named in the Will.
  • Clergy if applicable.
  • If parts of the body are to be donated for medical or research purposes, contact institutions involved.
  • If death occurs as a result of an accident contact a lawyer and police if not already notified (as soon as practical).
  • Cancel deliveries, service calls, subscriptions, appointments, etc., on behalf of the deceased.
  • Obtain death certificate — usually from the funeral home.
  • Arrange to publish death notice in newspaper.
  • Contact memorial society or funeral home. The deceased should have left specific instructions regarding mode of burial either in the Will or by memorandum.

Contact a lawyer with respect to administration of the estate. The information which would assist the lawyer at your first appointment includes:

  • Copy of the Will
  • List of Assets, Debts and Benefits
  • Insurance policies
  • Death Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Social Insurance Number

You do not need to wait to obtain documents before your first appointment.

  • Change mailing address