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Why Choose Me?

Lawrence S. Pascoe

If you are reading this, then you may need a lawyer and are trying to decide which one is the right one for you.

All I ask is when deciding on which lawyer to represent you that you look closely at the information provided by other lawyers on their web sites.

Questions to ask are:

What experience does the lawyer have? How long has the lawyer been in practice?

What client oriented innovative features does the lawyer provide?


Has the lawyer been recognized by their peers to teach them?

Let me summarise what I offer:

I have practised Law since 1977. I started with a general practice but after about 3 years narrowed it to just Family Law, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estates – though I also did some residential Real Estate for my first 20 years of practice.


I provide a comprehensive website that besides containing basic and more detailed articles about the law and the legal process, clearly sets out my fees and services, and has introductory guides for each area of law.

I have forms and questionnaires that can be filled in and sent from my website for each first consultation to let clients know what information is needed and to save time and therefore money at their first consultation.

For each area of law, I provide a client manual with further written information and forms and a system to keep copies of documentation organized.


I provide written retainers and or reporting letters along with “to do” lists to ensure the client knows what I am doing, and what the client must do.


I have an agenda for the first consultation of the areas of law in which I practice.

I have taught Family Law at the Bar Admission course and been a frequent speaker on the law and improving legal services at lawyer continuing education courses locally, provincially and nationally, as well as speaking to many public groups.

I provide instructional videos for completing the important matrimonial Ontario Family Law Financial Statement.

At consultations, I have a second monitor on my desk for my clients so they can follow what we are discussing, what notes I am making and they can also watch the arithmetic calculations often needed in determining one’s rights

I have surveys to allow a client to comment on my services. Feedback is always welcome! I also award a prize each year for the best suggestion to improve my services.

If you believe I am the right Lawyer for you, or if you have questions, then please

To learn more, please see About Me, my Service Principles and Our Office.