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After completing the Questionnaires and Asset Information Form, please make an appointment with my office. To better prepare for the appointment please review my “What Happens at Your First Wills Appointment” under Wills and Powers of Attorney on my website.

At your appointment, I will obtain your instructions to draft the Will and if requested, a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and a Personal Care Power of Attorney. I will provide you with a “To Do” list if there is follow up work and set an appointment to sign – which is usually two weeks from that initial appointment.

I will provide you with my Will and Powers of Attorney Manual which among other things will contain my article entitled “The Purposes and Plain Meanings of Clauses Contained in a Will”. I will then send you a copy of the drafted Will and Powers of Attorney for your review and approval. You would then contact me by phone or email to advise if there are any changes and confirm your appointment or if you have questions. Changes should not wait until the date of signing as the final papers will have all been prepared just prior to your appointment.

If you are just drafting Powers of Attorney, after completing the Powers of Attorney Questionnaires please telephone me. On the telephone I will answer any questions you may have and complete the Powers of Attorney Questionnaires. I will then send you drafts of the Powers of Attorney for your review at home. If the drafts are satisfactory, please call my office for an appointment to sign your Powers of Attorney.

Upon the signing of the Will at my office, I will discuss my Will and Powers of Attorney Manual. This Manual contains a copy of your Will, memorandum of what to do when death occurs, a memorandum regarding burial instructions, a memorandum regarding personal belongings, an asset list (to keep up to date where all of your assets are located), a memorandum of people to notify and a list of your personal advisors, and a number of articles I have written relating to Wills and Estate planning. “Administration of Estates”, “Changing Your Will”, “Gifts and Inheritances to Children” and “Preparing for an Easier Administration of an Estate”. You might also want to insert the articles you received in your guidebook.

Original Wills and Powers of Attorney are provided to my clients. I will no longer be storing original documents at my office. It is possible (and I have a memo on the process) for a client to have their Will stored at the Court House for a nominal $20 fee if they do not have a safety deposit box or fire proof safe. I will always have a digitalized copy of the Will for reference. I will also send a digitalized copy to my clients, and also provide a “trued up” copy of the Will in the clients’ Will Manual.

If you wish, and I suggest you do, I will send a letter to your Executors advising them of the location of the Will and the existence and purpose of your manual, and advise where they can get a copy of my articles “The Administration of Estates” and “Powers of Attorney” as well as advising them of my Administration of Estates packet contained on my web site so they have a preliminary idea of their duties.